Pros & Cons of the Ambitious Millennial


Goals. We all have them. They help us to get further in life, stay organized, and keep us on track. Did you know having a healthy mind when it comes to planning your future is vital to your success. Have your goals ever consumed an unhealthy amount of space in your head? Do you find yourself planning things over and over, only to later lose interest in a project? These are early signs of developing an unhealthy way of setting and accomplishing goals. Over thinking leads to a delay of action. It is important to make a plan A, a plan B, and a plan C. Having more than one way of getting to your destination helps you stay focused, and not become frustrated IF plan A fails. Make an outline, map out your goals, and state step by step instructions to accomplish them. You can not finish if you never get started. The next step is The trial and error test.  Running a trial and error test aids you in seeing what works best for you. For example, if you want to be a fashion designer, put your fashions out for the world to see it. Constantly display your work, wear it, design a piece; sell it and see how it works. The important factor is that you try. A plan is only a plan if we do not take action!

On another note,  often times I see many people on social media state in their posts that their goals keep them up at night. Is this healthy? I mean, I know its important to many of us that we pursue our life long dreams, and fulfill our destiny. Finding something that  fascinates you in the world is a beautiful thing. Stay focused but do not become anxious. Personally, I have dealt with anxiety in the past, I was a dreamer, and planning was just, “not my thing“. I had to change that, I had to become good at planning, and not overthinking. Trust the timing of your life, but map it all out from the start. 

Another con of the ambitious Millennial is networking with the wrong people. Time is valuable, use yours wisely. Set up meetings with the right people, people that you could learn from, and ones that don’t mind showing you the ropes. So, do your research first, and don’t be so quick to jump at an opportunity, its okay to make sure that more than one party benefits from a meeting.

Pros of the ambitious millennial includes the opportunity to live a life without limits. You could meet new people, see new places, and even make a better life for your family. Maybe you don’t want the material aspects of being successful, maybe the most important thing is the time that you have, and the time that you spend. Another benefit of being ambitious is leaving a legacy behind. Many of us wish to grow old and be proud of our accomplishments; setting a great example for those that are coming behind.

Get out there, be ambitious! You can do more than one project, do it all, just stay organized and keep a clear mind! You have options!


2 thoughts on “Pros & Cons of the Ambitious Millennial

  1. Another great post with nuggets of inspiration and practical insight. Really like the statement of “A plan is just a plan if we do not take action” and the importance of just starting. * Clap, clap… bravo*


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