The Importance of Gratitude


Gratitude is defined as the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful. We all have  many things to be grateful for, whether it be a place to live, or a loving family. Gratitude can be expressed in small ways. You can express gratitude by saying a simple thank you, or even smiling. Take a moment and think about everything that you have. Look around you, think about the people in your life, your job, and the next breath you take. Gratitude is making great use of what is given to you. Every one’s definition of “making great use” will vary, I am sure of this. People who have their mind fixated on what “great use” is when they give to someone, is not giving from their heart. Give without expecting something in return.  It is important to give and receive open heartedly because it allows opportunity for more blessings.

How many times have you found yourself wishing you had more? For example, wishing you had a better car, neglecting the one that you currently drive. Next thing you know, you’re having car trouble. A new IPhone comes out, you suddenly feel your phone isn’t good enough. These are things we take for granted. Lets say your mom makes you breakfast every morning, you think nothing of it. Then you finally move out, there’s no one around to make your breakfast; you have to learn to cook on your own. It may not be easy to realize the things we take for granted because we do it so often.

So go out into the word and make a difference! I challenge you to be a blessing to someone today, someone is praying for someone like you.





One thought on “The Importance of Gratitude

  1. Amen to that whole post. Very ture and very well said. I have also learned that an *attitude of gratitude* is key to maintaining a humble spirit. Being thankful for the smallest of the small to the biggest of the big. Another awesome piece. … #2ThumbsUP


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