Price Tag ( A Poem)


Price Tag 

I liked you better from the outside

Because Now that I’m here

with you


I see you for who you really are

There’s a limit to your love

I want full access.

There’s no way I can keep up with you,

You move too fast for me

I liked you better from the other side


You’re a beautiful mess.

Not only beautiful.

But complicated as Fuck!

Why are you so complicated?

Who made you this way?

Alluring and savage

Passive but dominant

Libidinous and Proper.

I liked you better from the other side.

Where I could do to you what I wanted in my head,

Where I could pretend

You were always the person I wanted to be with.

But here we are.

And I don’t plan on leaving you.

—Originally I named this poem, “Price Tag aka Sonnet 130”. The title “Price Tag” was inspired by the idea of walking by a store and seeing a dress in the window. I tried on the dress, and it was nothing like what it looked like in the window. The idea of being in a relationship, that is nothing like you thought it would be, simply reminds me of that instance. The poem is reflective of a tumultuous, complicated relationship. It comes from the concept of buying something, and being stuck. The poem is not a sonnet, but if you google “Sonnet 130″ by Shakespeare, ” My Mistress’s Eyes are nothing like The Sun,” you’d see that I created my version of stating everything that a person was not and still loving them. Hope you enjoy my poetry, I’ll be posting more soon.—





One thought on “Price Tag ( A Poem)

  1. Very interesting parallels presented in this piece here. I like how you spoke of Sonnet 130 and made it your own. The wordplay used painted that picture and made those comparisons easy to comprehend. … well done * finger snaps* lol


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