Ink Pen ( A Ballad)

Blank notepad and pencil

Ink Pen

A Ballad by Brooke Boddie


What’s the use of thinking when you destroyed my imagination?
Starved my creative abilities
Killed the sensation
Muting my inner voice, along with possibility.

Oh what it takes to be alive
And endure this sort of madness.
My mystical power has died.
Oh, boy this is tragic.


I wrote this poem for my creative writing class. My assignment was to write a ballad poem, I really hate to rhyme my poetry, but here’s what I came up with. I wrote this poem about my writers block. It was favored among my class mates, I do plan to expand on the poem. I’ll add an extended version soon.


One thought on “Ink Pen ( A Ballad)

  1. Great poem, keep up the good work… lol, there’s nothing wrong with rhyming poetry and you do it well btw


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