Dealing with Anger, Depression, Anxiety, and Bad Attitudes


When dealing with others who are experiencing A.D.A. it is important to be very sensitive. Think of that person as a care package, “Handle them with care.” If you are someone who is experiencing A.D.A never be afraid to reach out for help, remain calm and know that things will be just fine. You are not alone. You have people in your life that love you, and you are here for a purpose. There is SO MUCH TO LIVE FOR!!!

To my dear friends of people who are experiencing A.D.A :
Do give them space. The mental state of depression exists in its own world, their mind. You may not understand what is causing their depression, but you have to be understanding. It is important that you avoid judgement, and keep an open mind. You may not have all the answers, but do what you can. However, it’s vital that you give people time to digest their own thoughts and emotions.

Observe their behavior, and check in frequently to make sure that they are feeling okay. Try not to pry, but do ask questions. If you feel the need, keep a record of conversations had between the two of you. If things get out of hand, or you feel that information should be passed on, please do hesitate to do so. On your record sheet, be sure to include times and dates along with how that person was feeling that day.
Ask them how they are feeling, and do what you can to help. What do you deem appropriate? Maybe you could take them on a walk, take them to dinner. Do whatever it is that they enjoy doing just to get their mind off of things. There is more than one way to deal with A.D.A. Take the time to clear your schedule and make sure things are going okay with that loved one. Never be afraid to reach out to help-hotlines or programs designed for these types of situations. If you notice a friend starting to separate him/her self from loved ones, seek alternative help immediately. Some people may require medication to treat depression, or a support group may be more suitable. Whatever the case, it is important that you check in on them simply to stay on top of things. This is your loved one, your friend, your neighbor, coworker…some one that matters to you or someone else. We are all just people trying to navigate through life. It is easy to get lost in the translation, but the important part is that you come back from it. Healing takes place is the most uncomfortable moments. It is through change that we grow as people, and discover ourselves. Only the strong survive! If you are having a hard time dealing with A.D.A do not be afraid to reach out, and open up to your loved ones. You begin to feel so much better when you talk about it.
Anger comes and goes with some people, but with others it can be repressed. Situations can upset anyone, so can unexpected changes. Having a hard time adjusting to these changes can really take a toll on a person’s mental health. Signs that a person is experiencing anger issues include throwing tantrums, arguing, and finding themselves in altercations that could have been avoided. These people are just looking for an outlet, a way to get their anger out, therapy is the best way. There are many types of anger. Behavioral, chronic, judgmental, passive-aggressive are all different types of anger The most common type of anger is passive anger, which is repressed anger. Repressed anger can be hard to recognize, most people don’t even know that they are experiencing it until they talk about their problems, and how it caused them to handle situations badly. A person’s living conditions, environment, stress, and other overwhelming situations can lead to anger issues.
If you are a person dealing with anger, practice recognizing when you are becoming angry. Take a break, or separate yourself as soon as the emotion occurs. It’s okay to feel angry, allow yourself to feel emotions, but just as you feel them, LET THEM GO. Do not hold on to it. Train your mind to figure out the next step. Talk to yourself: “Ok! I’m angry. How can I not stay this way? Maybe I can navigate around this situation, or just leave. I can temporarily go to an environment that doesn’t make me angry.” Try listening to some music, this helped me deal with my anger. Eventually, you’ll have to deal with your anger head on. Once you feel comfortable enough to not have to walk away from a situation that makes you angry, stand still while considering other perspectives. Go into other person’s point of view. “Ask yourself, is my way the only way?”

To my friends of people dealing with A.D.A :
Assure them that everything will be fine. Be as comforting as possible. Put yourself in that person’s shoes. Can you imagine feeling isolated, and lonely, as if no one understands you? Have you ever felt like you had no one to talk to? Well, this is your mind playing tricks on you. Someone is always there, all you have to do is reach out, step outside of yourself if you can, and know that help is always available.
Anxiety is very common amongst young adults and mature adults. With more than 3 million cases per year, anxiety is usually self-diagnosable. People often feel isolated when dealing with anxiety, these are people who feel like no one can relate to them. People with anxiety don’t usually open up about their disorder. Often time’s people drink or result to drug abuse as a coping mechanism.
Bad Attitudes stem from somewhere, they can be passed on through parents unawareness. People aren’t just naturally born rude. Maybe that person went through a traumatizing situation. They possibly didn’t heal from it, hindering their growth. If you are not dealing with A.D.A and you choose to have a bad attitude because you think it’s cool, remember that it hinder you from success. Being a mean girl or a bully is not something to be proud of. People have feelings and no one wants to be around negative energy. Having a negative attitude is not attractive nor appealing. Having a negative outlook on life results in a bad attitude. Positive people do not go around wreaking havoc on the world. Strive to be positive, shedding light wherever you go. “Change your attitude, it’ll change your life.” 
Anxiety and Depression is treatable, if you know someone that is dealing with A.D.A please free to call the help lines below. Someone is available 24 hours.

“You cannot heal from something that you hide.” –someone once said.

Suicide Hotline: (1800)-273-8255
Anxiety/Depression hotline: (877)-983-8297



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