“Are Catch Phrases Dead in 2018?


Have you ever been a victim of someone who used a pick-up line to get your attention? May I ask, are you a guy that uses pick-up lines on women frequently? Where did you hear the line used first? Over the years, catch phrases have been used all over America. Modern lines such as, “Can I have you?”- (used in the inner city of Atlanta), or You dropped something” (when the person actually didn’t drop anything), are common. Ladies, have you ever been approached about doing business by a guy that you knew was interested in dating you? Many of us have…but somehow the business never gets off of the ground. I had a friend whose time and energy was completely wasted over a con-artist. She was approached by a guy interested in her doing some promotional work for his marketing company. He invited her to meeting after meeting, but nothing came out of it. Later on down the line, the potential business owner says, “Hey, the business dynamic didn’t work out, but can we hang out sometimes?” Men, have you ever been hit on by a married woman? Maybe you’re a  married man, and was hit on whilst wearing your wedding band. What did that person want from you? The stability without actually being married to you? The benefits of dating a married person? Black mail? Who knows? But how did they approach you? It had to have been in a sensitive manner, without crossing the line any more than it had already been crossed. It is important to practice that same sense of sensitivity when approaching people. You can not predict the type of response you’ll get. That person could be having a bad day, and the last thing they’ll need is some rude person chasing them down for their phone number.

In addition, Many people use compliments to grab someone’s attention. One compliment, and the next thing you know, you’re out for coffee the next day. Compliments are a great way to relate to people, and find similarities amongst differences. More than often, we use these lines because we see no other way of effectively getting anyone’s attention in the heat of the moment. On the other hand, women have tended to keep it simple over the years; greeting guys with, “Hey handsome,” or “Can I buy you a drink?” These phrases are pretty straight forward, and do not require clever devices. Often times, women try to avoid seeming too promiscuous with their approach. Maybe women are afraid of how a man will respond to their efforts of getting to know them, maybe they don’t know want to come off too strong. Women are becoming go-getters in this day and age, some of us send the instant message/ DM first. Why not go after what you want, don’t feel any shame about it.

Furthermore, most Millennials avoid using catch-phrases. They tend to invite potential mates out for hangout sessions in its place. Research shows that people between the ages of 18-30 have been extending open invites to go out for drinks, networking, and other business events. This less straight forward approach can help anyone feel less pressured to get fancied up for an official date. Even if you are potentially interested in a person, they will feel comfortable when you invite them out without an obvious motive. He/She won’t feel like you’re trying to hit on them, even if you have an absolute-crazy-crush on them. Your approach is everything these days, when it comes to looking into a potential mate. “Once I get them out on the unofficial date, what’s next?” you may ask…Well, let that person know that you think they’re interesting, and state your intention immediately. Trust me, You don’t want to get friend-zoned. Remember be casual, be cool, and be calm. Relax your nerves, and show confidence when you do this. Many people are afraid of rejection, you don’t want to be one of these people. You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, confidence starts with realizing that.


How do you approach a man/woman that you’d like to get to know? Is there a correct way to do so? How would you like your children to be approached in the future? Comment below, lets talk about it.

One thought on ““Are Catch Phrases Dead in 2018?

  1. Well I never use a pick up line to meet someone if I want to meet you I’ll start of by saying hello how are you doing today. Etc. But how do you approach a woman well with the most respect I say.o matter what type of woman she seems to be in your eyes. Everyone deserve respect no matter if she a stripper ..etc got to treat her like then woman that she is .So I just approach her and ask her if she is having a good day or night today. And we go from there.


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