Question Everything

IMG_1591.JPGWho are you?

No, who are you really?

I’m sure you answered that question untruthfully when I asked.
Take a breath.

I want you to really think on this…
Who are you?
Before society, your parents, and your close group of friends molded you.

Who were you?
Before you learned of what you thought was cool?
The clothes, the hair styles you choose to wear, the material things that occupy your closet… Who is it for? Did you really want these things?
Who are you dressing to impress?
Men? Women? Your elders?

Are you doing what Truly makes you happy?
Yes, you’re good at it, but is it your passion?

Does it make you a lot of money?
Oh, I’m sure it pays the bills.

But  we are only here on earth for a certain amount of time.
A flash of light. All there is..

Prana, you can call it.
So, question everything, question everything you do.

Question everything you think.

Everything you thought you knew; question it,

because we do not know it all.

We know nothing at all.
Go beyond the surface and you’ll no longer be in search of anything.

You will be open. You will be open to new things.. You will be open to explore all walks of life. Expecting nothing you’ve ever seen before.
In exception to the truth of it all. The truth of all life. Why are we here?

2 thoughts on “Question Everything

  1. I am who I am.
    Yes. I really am.
    Inhale, exhale.

    I would like to describe myself as a man that is cool and funny.
    Polite and sunny.
    A bonafide gentleman.

    Before society, my parents, and my close group of friends molded me into the man that I am today.
    I was very quiet always watching and observing.

    Before I learned what I thought was cool, I was just satisfied with being around others.

    The clothes, the hair styles Ichoose to wear are the things that I choose to wear are for me and me alone. I rarely wear name brand. But when I do it’s something that’s in my portfolio. So I guess sometimes I dress to market my company.

    I only dress to impress at actual events. On a day to day basis, I wear what I want. Aside from my work uniform.

    I’m not truly doing what makes me happy. I have a little while before I retire. So I’m sacrificing for a couple more years to actually do what I love.

    Yes. It’s a nice amount of money and it also pays the bills.

    Also, what’s Prana?

    Im not sure if I agree with your,”know nothing at all” statement either.

    We’ve been here awhile as humans and we’ve not only adapted to our surroundings we’ve also been able to change some of it.

    Why are we here?
    Now that is the million dollar question.


  2. Another good piece, definitely took me down a path of thought. I do however know who I am…before the status, occupation, relationships with family and friends…. I am, at my core… a “child of God” and knowing this truth has helped me through alot. Lol… You’re good, this made me “google” Prana because I honestly thought it was a typo at first ( ikr, silly me…my bad for thinking that) but when I looked it up, I was like,” OOooohhh okay.. I get it”. My belief is that we are all here to serve others through our abilities and talents for the purpose of something greater than ourselves. Now then, there are many avenues in which we may choose to accomplish that but how do we know which avenue is BEST?…that is where things get “personalized” and to know those things is to get revelation….but to get revelation one must *connect* #IndeedWeMustGoBeyondTheSurface #EVERYTHINGIsSpiritual


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