“Do What You LOVE”

“Do What you Love, and Never Stop.”

For so long I debated with myself about what career path was best for me. A career in Marketing was in my plans, pursuing it only for monetary purposes. From the beginning I knew that marketing was not for me. I only wanted to do it to make enough money to support the people I cared about. I wanted to be a high roller, with a “good job”. Then I changed my major three more times. I took a hand at photography, film, and then journalism. The classes just didn’t excite me. Then I thought to myself, I had been writing since I could form a sentence. Why am I trying so hard, life should not be this complicated. I decided to do what I love. Seeing that I had wrote my first short story at eleven years old. Writing was my first love, story telling came naturally. I remember that first story I wrote, It was about a girl who could talk to animals.
I’ve always wanted to be a writer, yet, I graduated with my associates in Business Administration. I am currently attending Georgia State University to purse a degree in English- Creative Writing.

Back when I was pursuing a business degree, I still continued to write, I would go to night clubs, and stare at people, piecing together my next character. My passion for words never seemed to escaped me. I remember going to poetry readings and wondering what inspired people to find the courage to get up and recite their piece. I never recited my poetry aloud, I was too shy.
“What if the crowd doesn’t feel where I’m coming from?” I’d say to my brother. He would give me a funny look, like I was crazy. Then I’d check myself and say, “Then again I don’t care if they don’t understand; I’m doing what I love.”

One thought on ““Do What You LOVE”

  1. Great post, great insight… I never imagined you to be the “shy type”. Good to know that in-spite that, your passion for your craft took precedent over any perceived insecurity… The world is a better place because of it, #2ThumbsUP


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